Our Mission

Tidze empowers performers and creators by providing a secure way to monetise your unique experiences and generate an income via an online streaming platform.

What is Tidze?

Tidze is built for performers and creators. Level up your online performances and events by streaming in full 1080p HD video and 320Kbps high fidelity audio.

We enable you to create your own personalised channel, that can be fully branded to match your personality or unique experience.

Securely sell digital tickets, we constantly monitor every ticket to ensure it's only used on one device at a time.

With Tidze, you can


Create your own beautifully crafted, unique channel - your virtual stage.

HD Streaming

Broadcast in full 1080p HD video and 320Kbps audio.

On Demand

Upload and create a library of videos to watch on demand.


Sell secure digital tickets to access live streams, pre-recorded streams or video on demand.


Reach and connect with global audience.