Big news! We are moving to - a new digital venue for artists and fans.

Your Virtual Stage

Tidze is a streaming platform built for performers & creators. Create a personalised channel, stream high quality live & pre-recorded content, earn money from tickets and grow a global audience.

High Quality Video & Audio Streaming

Stream live or pre-recorded to a global audience with HD video and high fidelity audio.

New! - Create and sell access to a library of videos to watch on demand.

An example live stream interface

Secure Digital Tickets

We make it easy for you to sell digital tickets for your virtual events.

We constantly monitor every ticket to ensure it's only used on one device at at time.

An example of how much you can earn with Tidze

Customisable Experiences

Create your own unique virtual experience.

From single live sessions, to multi-stage festivals with a mix of live and pre-recorded content.

Personalised Channel

Create a fully personalised and branded channel to host your virtual events. No coding required!

Connect with your fans, with your own member accounts. We can automatically email them about upcoming events.

An example branded channel